The essence of this renovated master ensuite can be summed up in two words – 'elegance' and 'simplicity'. And the basic forms of a rectangle, a square and an oval provided the inspiration.
The focal point is a custom-designed timber vanity that emulates a simple table. The asymmetrical drawer was designed with the left side open to create a sense of space and to show off the feature rectangle tile that runs from the doorway across the horizontal plane of the floor and up the adjacent vertical wall. This has the effect of drawing your eye in and up, opening the space without protruding into or overpowering the room.
The elliptical basin and elegant tapware were chosen to enhance the asymmetrical form, making a statement piece on top of the table.
A large walk-in shower was designed to one side of the bathroom, with a single glass panel dividing the shower from the rest of the room. This adds to the uncluttered feel and increases the sense of space and openness.
The toilet was placed behind the door in such a way that it isn't the first thing you see when you enter the room.

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Celia Visser lives and breathes design. Her passion for innovation and quality is matched only by her commitment to client satisfaction. Within the kitchen design industry, she is highly respected for her consistency and innovation – qualities that have won her multiple awards.

When Celia first walks into a home, she quickly assesses its potential. She listens to her clients and takes on board their lifestyle, family circumstances and the ambience they want to create within their home. This is what guides her unique designs.

Her goal is for her clients to come home to a place they can relax in, and at the same time is beautiful space that suits their individuality. She loves designing homes with soul and that X Factor.

Celia is inquisitive – always seeking fresh creative stimulation. Her weekends are spent scouring magazines, shops and markets for inspiration and quirky ideas, and she travel often overseas. She is equally focused on the business side of her company, and strives for excellence in all areas.

Celia has been in the design and construction industry for 25 years, and is currently a member of the Certified Designers Society, NKBA and DINZ.