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CCM Architects in association with conservator Ian Bowman were commissioned by Wellington Waterfront to seismically strengthen and renovate Shed 13 and prepare the interior for a future retail or gallery space. The shed is registered Category 1, by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, and thus all design and heritage conservation work was done with NZHPT participation.

This former cargo handling wharf shed, built in 1904 is a well recognised building on the waterfront and held in high regard by the public. Its historic significance encompasses the entire exterior including original brickwork, doors, windows, Marseille tile roof and clerestory, and the interior volume, materials, structure and original industrial fittings. These elements were to be changed as little as possible and with special significance given to retaining original cargo handling equipment such as ropes and pulleys. The hipped roof framing consists of 14 timber scissor trusses spanning the width of the shed and supporting a hipped clerestory. The interior lining of the roof is close sharked rimu, all original and unpainted.

The seismic strengthening was achieved with minimum intervention to the building; by post-tensioning all the perimeter brickwork with rods drilled top to bottom at close centres. Inside, post tensioned cantilevered precast columns, free of the exposed brickwork walls were added and connected to the existing timber trusses. A glazed entry lobby was added facing the new public access to the waterfront. Also new large glazed doors were added behind some of the huge timber sliding doors, so that the facility can be visually opened up to the surrounding pedestrian areas and adjacent Jervois Quay. The restored interior and exterior retains its stunning authenticity. All new interventions were designed to be clean, simple elements and to be clearly read as contemporary insertions which sit comfortably and respectfully with the original building.

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