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Vogel Integrated Campus

The project incorporates an iconic but tired existing 1960’s government office building and two new office buildings. The buildings are composed on the site to create an integrated campus organised around a dynamic central covered atrium. The site is surrounded by three important streets, and the large floor plates cover half a city block. Existing building structure required careful consideration to ensure the project met strict criteria required for modern workplace design. The design team were focussed on ensuring that the development made a positive contribution to the urban environment.

The building has been broken down to create a controlled group of related forms on the site, which has helped to reduce the apparent scale of the development. Repetition of vertical elements across the forms links the elements together and humanises the scale of the facades. The atrium space and public concourses through the atrium provide connectivity through the building and through the city block, creating a dynamic central focus for the campus.

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