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Aurubis - Nordic Brown Light

This new complex, located adjacent to the existing Aquarena and close to the town centre, is an exciting development on a unique seafront site. The design maximises the potential of the site with ‘ribbons’ of accommodation flowing from north to south to emphasise the connection between land and sea. Each pool form has its own terrace, opening up the façade to animate the beachfront elevation and enlivening this prominent location in line with the Council’s aspirations for an Active Beach Zone.

The structure is clad in copper and red cedar - a palette of self-finished natural materials selected to age gracefully in the maritime conditions. The façade integrates a series of substantial glazed panels, creating the effect of “picture frames” to the windows and roof-lights. Copper and timber are materials that are synonymous with the tradition of English seaside culture. These materials are also robust against the fierce coastal elements, complement each other aesthetically and are sensitive to the history of this beautiful seaside town.

Copper is a material that truly ‘roots’ itself to the site; the material metamorphoses from its traditional rich, reflective copper red through to the dull dark browns and further to a vibrant green patinated finish. Two different finishes have been used to create variation along the length of the western façade: the primary wall and roof surfaces use flat cladding panels and the projected windows use a perforated rain screen system.

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