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Studio Rubix

Kate from Studio Rubix had a vision for her reception area and needed it brought to life…

Her intention was to define the space where clients entered the Studio to give them a refreshing space which evoked a sense of calmness while they waited for their appointment. Her vision involved creating a space which continued her theme of plywood and lively indoor plants, whilst keeping the reception area open. The intention was to do this without constricting privacy, space and natural light. Kate asked me for some advice and we collaborated to create a space which reflected exactly what she envisioned.

Kevin Bills supplied us with snaps of Studio Rubix’s fresh new reception area that we helped bring to life. Blinds were installed in the studio, as for about an hour a day the glare from the sun was unbearable to look at when training in the gym. We have eliminated this glare without blocking too much natural light.

Location: Palmerston North.

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