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Taranaki - Oakura 2

eHaus Euro - Passive House Classic

This six times 2021 House of the Year winner is a super star. This is what the judges had to say about the property.

"Combining functional design with high energy efficiency and excellent workmanship has resulted in this fantastic building and family home. This home by Hofmans Builders is a highly energy efficient house with careful planning for solar gain and smart material choices. The selection and execution of spruce and oak timbers complements the carpet, tile, and joinery units incredibly well. With exposed timber elements, this house was complex to build but was finished to a very high standard. It features a clever design, high attention to detail and meticulous construction, making it the regions supreme home.

This house has truly been built by craftsmen, with the accuracy and skill of the builders being visible across the foundations, walls, and roof. Huge consideration has been given to the set out of the claddings, which are uniform and accurate. The flashings are neat and beautifully installed alongside the multi member columns and screens. It is clear the door hardware and trims have been fitted with consistency in mind, while the tiling is totally faultless, and the internal wall and ceiling linings are of a very high standard."

Our team are very proud of this incredible build.

19/7/21 Targeting Passive House certification

Registered Master Builders Regional Lifestyle Award Sustainable 2021.
Registered Master Builders Regional Lifestyle Award Kitchen 2021.
Registered Master Builders Regional Craftmanship Award 2021.
Registered Master Builders Regional Category Winner 2021.
Registered Master Builders Regional Supreme Award 2021.
Registered Master Builders Regional Gold Award Winner 2021.

Design Components

FLOOR - Fully insulated concrete pad with a U-value of 0.182 W/(m²K)

WALL - 140mm timber frame U-value of 0.222 W/(m²K)

ROOF - Double layer of fibreglass insulation with a U-value of 0.128 W/(m²K)

WINDOW JOINERY FRAME - Dopfner Premium IV68 - Wood Alu - Uf value 1.26 W/(m²K)

GLAZING - Double Glazed Argon Ug value 1.12 W/(m²K) G Value 65% and double glazed Low-g Argon Ug value 1.00 W/(m²K) G Value 38%

VENTILATION - Zehnder ComfoAir 350 MHRV

HOT WATER - Ecospring 300L capacity hot water heat pump

Performance Specs

Heating Demand: 8.8 kWh/m²/yr

Heating Load: 8.7 W/m²

Frequency of Overheating: 1.8% year over 25C

TFA: 217.4m2Form Factor: 3.4

Air Leakage@50Pa: 0.5 ACH

PER Demand: 26 kWh/m²/yr

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