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Tasman Bay House

Tasman Bay House is situated overlooking Tasman Bay in the South Island of New Zealand. 

The four bedroom family house  is designed to neatly sit within its landscape, optimise views of Tasman Bay to the East and surrounding landscape,  concealed wind protected Western courtyard, maximised Northern sunlight exposure for passive solar gain and natural heating, natural ventilation  and cooling strategies, and high performance building materials for health, comfort and energy efficiency.

Large North facing masonry block walls capture abundant sunlight, thermally broken  ground polished and exposed insulated  concrete slabs store radiant sun light energy for natural heating, insulated doors and windows keep warmth inside the house,  as well as Structurally insulated wall panels, Metal insulated roof panels, and airtight seals and wraps. 

An Eco cycle waste water treatment system, passively treats sewage, and rainwater is collected and stored onsite for drinking.

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