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When we were approached by clients who work in a different sector of the design-and-build industry (and thus have an exacting eye for design) to create a home for them on this section in a leafy location in the city-fringe suburb of Auckland’s Westmere, we couldn’t believe our good fortune.  Ah-ha. Small catch. The council required 24/7 access to storm-water services that sat slap- bang in the middle of the natural building platform. Of course, we took up the challenge with customary gusto, organised our collective thoughts and came up with an innovative solution. This was in the form of a ‘suspended’ single-level dwelling effectively slung between two ‘plinths’. The plan was simple and elegant - and necessitated pre-cambered steel beams spanning in excess of 12 metres. Both owners are perfectionists and the finishes and features are equal to their request for a ‘stand apart’ design. Built-in cabinetry, a pop-out staircase, steel-rod screening, double-sided fireplace, integrated landscaping and windows that frame greenery while ensuring privacy are just some of the attributes of this ticks-all-the-boxes home. Oh yes, and most importantly, the council was happy too.



Photographer: Tony Nyberg

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