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Tsb Cec

The TSB Customer Engagement Centre is a showcase of the shifting nature of the workplace today. The design champions collaboration, forward thinking and flexibility in action. Its bold open plan style is supported by the clever use of space and tactical incorporation of contemporary, purposeful acoustic treatments.

Particular consideration has been given to the enhancement of well being inside, with selections of lively green space throughout.

The TSB Customer Engagement Centre is people focused, with all necessary acoustic, visual and auditory supports to ensure the staff engagement and ability to give premium service to customer concerns. The interior is generous, light and open, with an emphasis on its transparency. This has the effect of enhancing interaction within space, while connecting people to the outside world and providing necessity of natural light for employee well being.

This architectural base build project + interior fit out has successfully inspired its users and has allowed the workplace to align its operations with both its vision and values.    

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