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Year Round Comfort

This house was less than 20 years old and built to the minimum building code, as so many houses are. The current owners wanted to up-spec the house and make it a healthier home to live in, and easier to keep at a constant warm temperature in winter and cooler in summer. As a result of the renovations, it is now altogether more pleasant to live in year-round.

Keeping cosy

The team from Chamberlain Homes stripped back all the exterior cladding and installed higher quality insulation. They replaced all the singled glazed windows with thermally broken double-glazed windows to help improve heat retention in the colder months and reduce overheating in summer. Window locations were also changed to increase thermal gains from the sun and improve privacy from surrounding buildings. Even insulated garage doors were installed – every little bit counts.

To wrap it all up and modernise the house’s appearance, exterior bevel back weatherboard cladding replaced the previous stucco effect.

Walls were reconfigured internally to improve the flow and new fittings throughout updated the interior.

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AFTER: Thermally broken double-glazed windows and doors were installed throughout and better quality insulation was installed in all external walls prior to recladding in weatherboard - resulting in a warmer, more comfortable home.
BEFORE: Prior to renovations the house had single glazed windows and only the minimum required insulation specified by the NZ Building Code. The exterior plasterwork was also looking dated and tired.

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