Beaded Flexi Timber Panels

Do you want a curved kitchen island with timber battens? 

The perfect marriage of linear profiles and beads, our beaded flexi timber panels are ideal for linear profiles on curved kitchen islands, vanity units, wall panels, desks or table legs - your imagination is the limit! With timber beads on a flexible backing, our beaded panels make the modern linear beaded look simple!

The panel can be easily applied to a curved shape, making this a simple solution for cabinetmakers.

  • Category
    Complete Kitchens, Timber
  • Brand
    Custom made to order
  • Warranty
    10 years
  • Country of origin
    New Zealand

Sizes: custom made to work with your design. Get in touch! 

Materials: Any solid timber, or MDF for lacquering. 

This product is custom made to order, which means we can work with you to achieve what you need! 

Scope of use

Our beaded flexi panels are perfect for wrapping around curves on a kitchen island, or using as a decorative material on other furniture, vanities or reception counters. 

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