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​Invisedge ™ - The Virtually Invisible Edging

Advancements in technology have enabled Sage Doors to manufacture melamine doors with a virtually seamless edge. As the edgetape is melted directly to the edge of the board, there is no glue line.


​Invisedge ™ is a new edge banding technology in which the edgetape is melted directly to the edge of the board. This eliminates the need for standard bonding agents such as glue to be used to adhere the edging to the board, enabling us to manufacture doors with no ugly glue-line around the edge.

Sage Doors has invested into the future by using the next generation of plastic edge bandings from MTK in Germany – Polypropylene (PP),


Environmentally Friendly: the manufacture of polypropylene edge tape requires less energy to manufacture than alternative plastics and when recycled, it produces only carbon dioxide and water.

Less Shrinkage: Hot air technology uses extremely hot compressed air to melt the functional layer and fuse it onto the board. Polypropylene does not shrink during the cooling process, ensuring a seamless edge with no glue line.

Dedicated Colour Matching: Our colourfast tape has been matched to our board finishes for a perfect finish every time.

Hard Functional Layer: the functional layer is as hard as the outer layer to give you a solid edge. When this layer is bonded there will be no indents for dirt to gather due to its unique hardness.

Tight corners: our MKT Alpha-Tape® Zero can fully weld to itself at the joint in the corners, this enhances the seamless joint to give you a perfected molded panel.

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