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Excite Live Bike | Exercise Bike

Ready to ride:
Get a smooth ride on the coolest exercise bike out there. Whether it’s slow-paced cycling through the Outdoors or picking it up a click with a high-intensity Routine, Excite Live Bike's design, training options and advanced biomechanics will make you excited to get back in the saddle.

Safety And Comfort Features: Training comfort and variety
The console, soft-touch handlebar and smart pedals are specially designed so you can perform Routine and Session exercises – such as stand-up pedaling – in total safety and comfort.

Wide Walk-through: Easy on, easy off
The amazingly wide walk-through makes it so easy to get on, you’ll never want to get off. And why should you, when you can enjoy different riding experiences all within the same workout?

Q Factor: Improve your cycling experience
Excite Live Bike makes you feel like you’re riding on two wheels. Q FACTOR 6.7” (17 cm) reduced distance between the pedals ensures a more realistic and biomechanically correct cycling experience.


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