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Excite Live Climb | Stair Climber

Take your workout higher:
Excite Live Climb helps you build the confidence to step outside your boundaries and achieve extraordinary results. Its accessible design and engaging training content make climbing fun and effective at every level.

Split Step Technology: Climbing made easy
Use the low-rise Courtesy Step to get on, and exercise without pinching your toes between stairs with our ToeSmart Design. With the deepest step surface – 11” (28 cm) stair climbing is now comfortable and safe for everyone.

Three Steps Available: More room for performance
With three steps available at all times, you can perform more complex footwork and challenging Routines for maximum calorie burn and fun.

Smart Lateral Footrests: Step aside
Technogym’s Smart Lateral Footrests make this stair climber even more versatile. Use them mid-routine for single leg exercises or hop on them to take a break and interact with the console.

Small Footprint: Size matters
Excite Live Climb offers the best ratio of climbing space to footprint. Its low height makes it ideal for almost any space and inviting for everyone to use.


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