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Excite Live Top | Upper Body Trainer

Versatile training:
Thanks to its versatile training, the new upper body trainer improves your fitness, muscular strength and endurance to give you a more defined look.

Complete wellbeing:
You can enjoy the benefits of upper body rotary training from the more challenging standing position or from a seated one using the ergonomic seat.

  • The seated position engages chest, shoulder, back, arm and core muscles to stabilize and maintain correct posture.
  • The standing position requires total body integration, to transmit power from the legs up through the core and into the upper torso and limbs.

Versatility and comfort:
The rotating handles and the adjustable crank height allow to engage different muscle groups, while ensuring an ideal posture.

Balanced workouts:
Excite Top provides both forward and backward resistance and lets you change the length of its telescopic arms. You can modify the involvement of the core, shoulder and torso muscles and achieve a more balanced workout by alternating pushing and pulling movements

Level up your workout:
Technogym Live is the new digital user interface that empowers Excite consoles. Born to inspire people to embrace exercise and make it a part of their daily lives, it helps achieve results in a fun and motivating way.


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