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Excite Live Synchro | Elliptical

Exponential elliptical fun:
Find new inspiration every day. The new adjustable ramp combines with H.I.I.T. Routines and goal-oriented Sessions to give you the widest variety of training options and intensity levels.

A single smooth motion:
Train confidently on a machine that is in total harmony with your movement. Enjoy the feeling of total freedom as your arms swing in a convergent path and your legs stride up to 26.5 in (67 cm) in a single, fluid motion. Movement has never felt so good.

Adjustable Ramp: Wider range of movement
Challenge your lower body muscles thanks to the wider range of movements and exercises made possible by the adjustable ramp with Decline System. For maximum glute activation, lean forward on the soft-touch total body handlebar.

Handles And Handlebar: Boost glute activation
Want to recruit your glutes? Grab onto the angled center handlebar to engage your backside. The converging upper body handles allow for more natural arm swing.


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