Birch Grey
D410 x W1800 x H1800 mm - 1000L

In a modern minimalist building project, form and function are essential.

A large, unsightly water tank is one of the most obvious ways to ruin that ambience and is simply not an option where space is limited.

With FenceTank™, you can create an almost invisible, slimline water resue system that seamlessly blends into the perimeter of your development. It’s perfect for sites that have limited space.

FenceTank™ is a popular solution for developments of all scales, from single sites to high-density housing.

Your Complete Rainwater Collection Solution

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Slim, sleek and very stylish
  • Your tank is your fence!
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    Detention Tanks
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  • Warranty
    10 years

High Density Developments

  • Meet council requirements
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Reduces water costs by up to 56%

Residents of a Hobsonville Point subdivision that use the FenceTank system to collect rainwater have saved an average of 56% on their water bills.

This represents the same amount of water that can use for potable purposes, such as washing the car, watering the garden, and flushing toilets.

Scope of use

Slimline Water Tanks Perfect For Small Sites

FenceTank™, our newest slimline water reuse innovation, naturally blends with a property’s peripheral; allowing for a smart and almost invisible solution.

With FenceTank™ you have a discrete and attractive rainwater collection system.

Each slimline tank is only 410mm deep and holds 1000 litres of water, equivalent to 4-days water supply for the average household.


Tank Grade Plastic

Made with Rotathene Tank Grade plastic which is globally recognised as the most appropriate grade for New Zealand’s harsh conditions and UV light.

This grade carries a series of certifications and complies with many international standards within the tank industry. It is designed for potable water or stormwater and is ideal for re-use systems.

Our tanks can withstand 15,000 hours of harsh UV lights, 8,000 hours above what is legally required. Complies with NZS4766.

Learn more about Matrix Polymers Rotathene tank grade plastic.

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