Leo Smart Panel | Core Package

W350 x H640 mm

Unlike traditional electric panels, Leo Core sheds light on your energy usage, revealing power suckers, finding savings opportunities and supercharging your home’s electrical health. It's a power revolution in your pocket.

This product includes the Leo Smart Panel + the Core operating package. Please find more information about the Core package below.

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    Switchboards, Home Automation
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    Leo Smart Panel
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Scope of use

Power of knowledge

Traditional switchboards leave you in the dark. Leo sheds light on your energy usage with real-time insights. Take control and make adjustments to save money on your electricity bills.

Kill your vampire-loads

You can reduce your electricity costs by up to 8% simply by identifying appliances that are consuming electricity and costing you money without your knowledge.

Accurate pricing

Your app connects with your energy retailer to provide live pricing, so you know exactly what your electricity costs you 24/7.

Front-foot faults

Monitor and track each circuit's electrical safety performance to identify potential hazards or near-misses.

Power Play

Protect your investment and extend the lifespan of your electronics with whole-home surge protection.

Real-time alerts

Set up real-time alerts to warn you when you’re chewing through a lot of power during periods of high electricity prices.

  • Real-time energy usage insights
  • Digital control
  • Pre-fabricated and digitally configured
  • Less than 1 hour to install
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Entire-home surge protection
  • Available in both 12 and 20-circuit configurations.

Together as one

Leo combines over 120 monitoring, control and safety devices into one seamless energy experience. Designed by world-class engineers, everything is perfectly in its place right out of the box.


Stop electrical fires in their tracks

Many traditional switchboard installations fail to meet fire egress requirements, putting your family at risk if your switchboard caught fire. Leo’s proprietary cable entry system with fire-proof foam stops the spread of fire if the worst was to happen.

  • Almost half of electrical fires are linked to problems in electrical distribution devices, including switchboards
  • Over 60% of installed switchboards either fail to meet ASNZS fire egress standards or become non-compliant during installation
  •  Leo smart panels meet 100% of electrical installation compliance standards
Technical Specifications


Switchboard Standards and Compliance

AS/NZ 61009.1, AS/NZS 61439.1, AS/NZS 61439.3, AS/NZS 60898.1, AS/NZS 62606, IEC 62423

Meter Standards and Compliance

Class 1: IEC 62053-21, Class 2: IEC 62053-23, IEC 62052-11, IEC 62052-21, IEC 62052-31, IEC 62054-11, IEC 62054-21


Input supply

  • Nominal Voltage - 230V
  • Grid Connection - Single Phase
  • Rated Frequency - 50Hz
  • Rated Current - 63A
  • Main Overcurrent Protection Device - 63A Type C
  • Overvoltage Category - Category III
  • Bus Bar Rating - 75A
  • Maximum Input Short Circuit Current - 3kA
  • Rated Diversity Factor - 0.5
  • Earth Bus Bar - 2x3 way
  • Neutral Bus Bar - 2x3 way
  • Meter Function - Import & Export 1% Accuracy Supply Control Switch


  • Operating temperature -5°C and +40°C
  • Storage temperature -25°C and +55°C
  • Installation Environment Indoor Only
  • Mounting Options Flush Wall Mounted
  • Degree of Protection IP2XC
  • Resistance to Impact IK05
  • Relative Humidity Up to 50% at +40°C
  • Max Elevation ≤ 2000m
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About the

We're shaping a brighter future with the world's first truly intelligent smart panel, Leo.

At Basis, we're a team of visionary designers, engineers, imagineers and pioneers driven by a shared mission: to have a smart panel in every building in the world.

We've created an electric smart panel like no other. Leo is a game-changer designed to intelligently manage energy demand and reduce electricity consumption by 56%. Leo bridges the gap between current energy needs and the sustainable future we all deserve.

We're driven by our passion for the planet.

Today's electric infrastructure is primarily powered by fossil fuels, which are responsible for 72% of atmospheric CO2e emissions and the main catalysts of climate change. 

Transitioning away from fossil fuels requires a substantial investment in renewable energy and electrifying everything. However, this green revolution will overwhelm our grid by 2050, making it more volatile.

We have two choices: continue to pour resources into an outdated infrastructure or invest in a smart, two-way grid that ensures a clean, sustainable future.

Our innovative products, starting with Leo, are designed to transform the traditional grid into a dynamic, two-way system that is both sustainable and affordable.

Clean-tech flourishes with a smart grid, and a smart grid thrives with smart panels in every home. This is the beautiful synergy we are creating with Leo.