Leo is the world’s first smart panel & App that provides unparalleled insight, control and safety for your home.

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    Switchboards, Solar Panels, EV Charging Stations
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    Leo Smart Panel
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    5 years
Scope of use

The Leo smart panel has the most advanced electric monitoring and safety technology. You have three software options when purchasing Leo: Leo Core, Leo Control, and Leo Future. Choose the experience that's best suited for your home and lifestyle. 

Leo Core

Smart panel + Core Package - The smarter way to save

Unlike traditional electric panels, Leo Core sheds light on your energy usage, revealing power suckers, finding savings opportunities and supercharging your home’s electrical health. It's a power revolution in your pocket.

Leo Control

Smart panel + Control Package - More control, more protection

Level up from Leo Core. Get the upper hand on energy with automations. Keep your family and home safe with the most advanced fire and electric shock protection on the market.

Leo Future

Smart panel + Future Package - Everything-proof your home

Leo Future doesn’t just save you money, it makes you money. It includes every feature from Leo Core and Leo Control, plus the ability to export power to the grid and advanced overload protection.

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About the

We're shaping a brighter future with the world's first truly intelligent smart panel, Leo.

At Basis, we're a team of visionary designers, engineers, imagineers and pioneers driven by a shared mission: to have a smart panel in every building in the world.

We've created an electric smart panel like no other. Leo is a game-changer designed to intelligently manage energy demand and reduce electricity consumption by 56%. Leo bridges the gap between current energy needs and the sustainable future we all deserve.

We're driven by our passion for the planet.

Today's electric infrastructure is primarily powered by fossil fuels, which are responsible for 72% of atmospheric CO2e emissions and the main catalysts of climate change. 

Transitioning away from fossil fuels requires a substantial investment in renewable energy and electrifying everything. However, this green revolution will overwhelm our grid by 2050, making it more volatile.

We have two choices: continue to pour resources into an outdated infrastructure or invest in a smart, two-way grid that ensures a clean, sustainable future.

Our innovative products, starting with Leo, are designed to transform the traditional grid into a dynamic, two-way system that is both sustainable and affordable.

Clean-tech flourishes with a smart grid, and a smart grid thrives with smart panels in every home. This is the beautiful synergy we are creating with Leo.