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LWZ 180 / LWZ 280 Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Create a pleasant indoor environment in the home with the exclusive LWZ 180 and LWZ 280 ventilation units.
Both the LWZ 180 and LWZ 280 heat recovery ventilation units are highly efficient, offering heat recovery levels of up to 94% through an optimised cross-flow heat exchanger. This makes the LWZ 180 / 280 range of ventilation units an excellent choice for apartments, houses and small commercial properties.

Central ventilation unit with heat recovery for ventilating detached houses and small commercial properties.

Contemporary design with ergonomic programming unit and separate filter cover panel; can be used for detached houses and large apartments. Integral controller with multifunction display and seven-day program; can also be used as a remote control. Highly efficient backwards-curved fans with constant flow rate control. Highly efficient cross-countercurrent heat exchanger. Electric preheater in the form of a high performance heating coil. Bypass damper in supply air line; integral humidity sensor in extract air line. Straightforward filter replacement using combi filter cassettes. Fine dust filter available as accessory.

Backwards-curved, constant flow rate fans with flow rate control ensure a balanced air flow, thereby promoting efficient operation.

Installation in dwellings, utility rooms, basement rooms, etc. The air connections are located at the top of the unit; easy access to the electrical connection panel without having to open the unit; duplex sheet steel casing; visible surface in alpine white with powder coated finish.

  • Heat recovery up to 94%
  • Centralised ventilation for optimum air quality
  • Air flow rates 60 - 350 m3/h
  • Made in Germany
  • Passive House Institute certified component
  • Easy filter change
  • Inbuilt display allows control of the appliance directly from the unit
  • Helps prevent condensation and mould through improved ventilation
  • Summer bypass function
  • Significantly reduced ventilation noise levels
  • Optional FEB remote control with CO2 sensor
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