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OMNIA⁸ Training Space | OMNIA™

OMNIA™ is the world’s most versatile functional training concept and the OMNIA⁸ suits varied, group training activities for eight users and more at one time in a well-organised space.

Standard equipment included:

  • Omnia-pivot: allows you to attach Pendulum, Dual Lift system, Closed Loop Elastics and Push-n-Pull bag.
  • Generic hooks: are height adjustable and used to connect sleeved elastics.
  • Omnia-bar: a rubber-covered, vertically adjustable bar which can be set according to exercise difficulty.

Create an engaging functional space:
OMNIA™ gives you the opportunity to create a really engaging functional space. We can advise you on a suitable business model and our Wellness Design™ Team will help you select from a range of layout options to suit your facility. We can help you maximise Small Group Training, Personal Training and Free Training to increase membership retention and secondary revenue.

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