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Perrin & Rowe Traditional Shower Rose


Perrin & Rowe showers are renowned for their design excellence, durability and the quality of construction. Shower fittings are machined from brass by English craftsmen, hand-polished and coated in a choice of beautiful finishes for even the most discerning bathrooms.

Perrin & Rowe offer a range of showers to New Zealand homeowners and designers. Shower roses in three sizes, ceiling or wall outlets, hand-showers on sliding rails, or parking brackets, and options for separate hot and cold wall valve taps or a single lever pressure balanced mixers. While Perrin & Rowe shower heads may give the illusion of high water usage, state-of-the-art controllers limit the flow to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly use. 

The standard versions of the Perrin & Rowe shower outlets sold in New Zealand are fitted with a water conserving flow controller complying with WELS regulations. The resulting flow rate when fitted into a mains high pressure installation is 7.5 to 9 L/min. When Perrin & Rowe shower outlets are required for a low pressure installation, request a low water pressure version of the showers in which will be fitted with a different aerator to give a flow rate of 7.5 to 9 L/min.

The shower roses deliver a luxurious rain shower while a hand-shower offers flexibility and an equally satisfying rain style water flow. The shower heads have a perforated plate, whilst the Easyclean versions are also available. Designed for localities where holes in a perforated plate clog with lime scale, the Easyclean shower head has silicone rubber tips protruding through the perforated plate, designed to self-clean each time the shower is used.

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