ST900 Roofing | Cladding is a medium rib profile. Developed for the commercial/industrial roofing and cladding markets, it is equally at home in residential settings where a bolder look is desired.


  • ST900 is manufactured in Auckland and Christchurch
  • Minimum pitch 3°.
  • ST900 has 900mm effective cover
  • ST900 has 7 ribs at 38mm height which allows for a higher fastener density for higher wind zones
  • Offers a bolder line and greater strength than low rib profiles.
  • Popular commercial product due to its looks and performance.
  • Distinct capillary groove creates positive water tight lap.
  • Easy to attach solar installations for commercial and residential.
  • Translucent sheeting available to match
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    Aluminium Roofing, Metal Cladding, Steel Roofing


  • ST900 is distinguished by a subtle swage pan that adds stiffness to the pan, minimising canning and purlin line marking. Lapping ribs are interchangeable male/female, allowing flexibility to the installer, and feature a well defined anti-capillary detail. 


  • ST900 in 0.55mm BMT thickness can be crimp-curved to a minimum radius of 400mm. Matching translucent sheeting is available in GRP (fibreglass). The product can also be manufactured without the pan swage, in which case it should be specified and ordered as STN900.


  • Available in metallic coated and pre-painted steel in 0.40mm and 0.55mm B.M.T. (base metal thickness) aluminium plain and prepainted in 0.70mm and 0.90mm, and other non-ferrous metals.


  • All material selections must be compatible with prevailing environmental conditions and adjacent materials, see Roofing Solutions Product Guide or Specifiers Guide for details. Areas not exposed to rain washing will require programmed maintenance.

Minimum Pitch

  • In accordance with Acceptable Solution E2, the minimum pitch for ST900 is 3˚. Roof runs in excess of 65 metres should be checked for water runoff capacity

Foot Traffic

  • Foot traffic up the roof must take place with load spread equally across two ribs, or in the pan and against an adjacent rib. Traffic across the roof must take place along the purlin lines.


  • Recommended specifications are available in the branded sections of MasterSpec BASIC or MasterSpec STANDARD, or from your local Steel & Tube branch or visit our website.
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