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Hynds Industrial Plant, Pokeno

The Hynds Group have built a state-of-the-art facility for the production of concrete pipes in Pokeno. Embracing new technology, the project is a modern and unique unit. A key partner on this venture was New Zealand Steel. With the inclusion of its COLORSTEEL® Dridex® product, New Zealand Steel brought innovative technology to the development of this complex.

A major function of Hynds is to supply products for infrastructure-based solutions that assist in waste & water management. At the heart of the Pokeno development, is machinery that has revolutionised the way Hynds manufactures its concrete pipes. An important requirement in the production building is to ensure the elimination of moisture. COLORSTEEL® Dridex® offers a significant benefit through its properties that manage moisture in the roof cavity.

The fleece layer, laminated to the underside of the profile, absorbs moisture and enables rapid dissipation. Water does not travel in the system or accumulate against structures of the roof, meaning Hynds’ manufacturing units are operational in a dry and healthy environment.

COLORSTEEL® Dridex® negates the need for netting or underlay, offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance from underneath – perfect for commercial buildings. By using temporary safety netting, rather than galvanised safety mesh, the finished appearance is clean and uncluttered. It was this combination of performance properties that influenced Hynds to purchase COLORSTEEL® Dridex®.

Kiwi Roofing Ltd ensured a smooth and easy installation, while Steel & Tube's ST900 & ST963 profiles, guaranteed a professional and sleek finish. The decision to use COLORSTEEL® Dridex® on the 7,000sqm and 10,000sqm buildings allowed for a quick installation and a happy customer.

Product: COLORSTEEL® Dridex® ST 963 profile
Material: COLORSTEEL® Dridex®
Colour: Greyfriars (Cladding), Tuituft® (Roofing)
Profile: ST900 (Cladding), ST963 (Roof)
Supplier: Kiwi Roofing Ltd
Architect: Harris Foster Consulting Ltd
Installer: Kiwi Roofing Ltd

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