At Ultimate Engineered Concrete we manufacture all configurations of precast stairs and treads – from a project requirement for a single flight to the large volume of flights required in high rise construction.

Precast stairs offer the following advantages:

  • Reduce on-site construction time.
  • An immediate working platform for the project when the unit is placed in its final location.
  • Rebates for floor finishes like carpet can accurately be formed within the controlled factory manufacturing conditions.
  • A high standard of finish to all concrete surfaces.
  • The use of concrete for stairs also gives greater stiffness and fire resistance when compared to steel.

Architectural finishes can also easily be incorporated.

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    Commercial and Residential
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    Professional installation required
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Ultimate Engineered Concrete is a quality supplier of precast and prestressed concrete. Our facilities are located in New Plymouth and our site allows us to cater for any project large or small within the North Island.

We offer a professional service to the highest possible quality and our Staff combines specialist industry knowledge and years of experience covering:

  • Commercial / Industrial projects
  • Residential builds
  • Civil & Infrastructure projects
  • Landscaping
  • Rural Products

We pride ourselves on the ability to assess each project individually and achieve the best possible solutions and products for our customers.

Our processes from design to Installation include multiple checks and measures to ensure an accurate product is delivered in full, on time, in spec, every time.