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Triboard Panels

Triboard Delivering Strength and Versatility

Triboard’s™ innovative combination of smooth surface with inner strength makes it the ideal solution for a wide range of internal building applications.

Triboard is a 3-layered panel with a wood strand core sandwiched between an MDF outer “skin”. The result is a clean-lined panel that has high resilience and impact resistance and greater stiffness than other similar products. The dimensionally stable core provides superb load bearing and screw holding, and the MDF surfaces give a smooth finish for painting or overlaying.

This innovative combination of a smooth surface with inner strength makes it ideal for a wide range of internal structural and non-structural applications – panel housing, structural walls, floors, fire rated doors, solid core doors, inter-tenancy walls, bracing panels, bench tops, and shelving.

If you are thinking of renovating or lining your shed or bach, 10mm or 15mm Triboard are great alternatives to plasterboard for your walls and non-diaphragm ceilings. It is extremely hard wearing for those busy high impact areas like garages, hallways, and main entrances. Triboard will take all the knocks you can throw at it.

With Triboard there’s no need to find framing to hang the family photos on the wall or, with 15mm,  those shelves in the workshop. With Triboard you can screw in anywhere so it’s ideal for feature walls where a lot of hanging is required.

Triboard is available in a variety of panel sizes, thicknesses, and densities.

An extremely versatile panel material, Triboard™ can be used for:

•   Domestic, industrial and commercial walls and ceilings (non-diaphragm)

•   Floors including access floors, mezzanine, warehouse/factory, and theatre or cinema floors

•   Solid-core doors

•   Partition systems

•   Domestic, industrial and commercial shelving

•   Wall linings incl. Bracing panels (For Bracing Values, please see website)


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