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Construction Wall System Ensures Speedy and Efficient Builds

The Triboard construction system is a BRANZ appraised construction wall system developed to ensure quality, speed and efficiency. The walls are solid with excellent insulation and acoustic properties.

The use of Triboard across a range of building applications and the availability of a range of sheet sizes effectively speeds up the construction process, saving both time and material costs. Used structurally, Triboard eliminates the need for wall-framing.

In prefabricated systems, further savings can be made as doors can be cut from the wall panel. When using Triboard for internal walls, the reduction in thickness compared to traditional wall construction can provide up to 6% more useable space in an average size three-bedroom house.

Triboard housing isn't new to New Zealand, and there are already many great houses built by PanelLock throughout the country standing the test of time. For 20 years PanelLock has been building modular and prefabricated houses using the Triboard Wall Construction System. PanelLock is currently involved in building affordable, fast and durable houses nationwide using efficient CNC technology. This ensures the homes are accurate and very quick to erect.

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