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Twin Skin Solutions - Façade system

Twin Skin Façade systems also known as Double façade, twin wall façades, active façades, passive façades, double envelope, double skin curtainwall, ventilated façades or multiple-skin façades offer a project arguably one of the highest performance façade systems on the world market - offering building energy savings, mechanical performance solutions and Greenstar recognition beyond that achievable with a monolithic single skin façade system. Additionally, a better working environment that improves staff productivity and reduces occupant absenteeism (sick) days is achieved.

The concept of twin skin façade walls is not new, however with the recognition of passive ventilated and free heating and cooling possible together with published evidential success world wide, the advantages of such a system have generated growing interest from building investors, mechanical engineers and architects keen to put them into practice. 

The complexity and adaptability to different climatic conditions around the world does necessitate the need for careful local design and it is clear that the design of the system is crucial for the performance of the building.  When designed properly they can provide both improved indoor climate and reduced use of energy at the same time and when designed and engineered well, with consultants and experienced manufacturers like Thermosash, the system is flexible enough to meet climatic changes for most types of building use.

It is important early on to define the parameters of what is wanted to be achieved as many other aspects of a project are influenced by the façade, eg materials can influence the function and the performance of the system and the physical properties of the cavity. 

The importance of having a competent mechanical consultant who can provide accurate calculations of the façade performance in the design stage will lead to more precise predictions and certainty going forward in the design solution. 

Thermosash are the leaders in this technology and completed the first twin façade system in New Zealand on the Meridian Building in Wellington. This building is being constantly monitored and is outperforming based on anticipated predictions.

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