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Vanda Recessed FlushBox

Architects love to conceal window treatments if they do not offer anything to the design.

The Vanda Recess FlushBox is designed to conceal roller blinds above the line of the ceiling, creating a seamless finish, at the wall to ceiling junction.

The Recess FlushBox is made from extruded aluminium and has a removable cover plate that conceals the blind from view.

The FlushBox can be fitted after the ceiling linings have been fixed, stopped and painted as the box has an 8.0mm flange that covers the end of the cut gib sheet.  Builders need to frame out accurately to allow the FlushBox to fit.

A full recess FlushBox extrusion and a part FlushBox extrusion is available with removable cover plates. 

The full recess FlushBox extrusion has endcaps available, supplied in pairs. 

Blinds can be chain control or automated. 

Trimming of the removable cover plate is required for chain control blinds. FlushBox extrusion and end caps can be supplied in Mill Finish (M/F) or custom powder coated. Extrusions come supplied in 4.2m lengths.

Vanda now offer a complete suite of concealed options for double roller blinds. View all configurations in the downloads below for single and double systems. 


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