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WPL 57 Air Source Hydronic Heating Heat Pump

The WPL 57 can be cascaded for use in large buildings or commercial units. Up to six systems can be used to easily multiply the heating output. All the while, the operating noise is kept to a minimum by an encapsulated refrigerant circuit, an acoustically isolated compressor and wide gaps between the evaporator fins. Both the corrosion protected metal casing painted in STIEBEL white and the casing protecting the evaporator ensure high durability of the outdoor elements.

The right system for the job

  • German made, engineered for diverse New Zealand conditions
  • High output for commercial applications and apartment buildings
  • Efficiently harvests the energy from the outdoor air
  • Cascade multiple units to increase heating output

Your building will benefit

  • Flow temperatures up to 60°C allow use of in-slab hydronic heating and radiators
  • Silent operation thanks to an encapsulated refrigerant circuit, acoustically isolated compressor and wide gaps between the evaporator fins
  • Can be integrated into your building automation system with the use of a software extension
  • Can be controlled remotely via a mobile device with the addition of an ISG web unit

Installation flexibility

  • Low height allows discreet and convenient placement
  • Corrosion protected metal casing and protected evaporator ensure long durability
  • Perfect for new builds and modernisation


  • Made in Germany
  • Engineered for outdoor installation including a corrosion-protected casing
  • Advanced technology ensures an excellent COP at low outside temperatures
  • Installation requires 3 phase power
  • Ideal for new builds and retrofits of commercial buildings
  • Suitable for large apartment buildings
  • Cascade multiple units for up to 186 kW heating output
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