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Your trusted double glazing solution with RetroGlaze Network

We are a network of "RetroGlaze Partners" that provide specialist services in Timber and Aluminium Retrofit Double Glazing and Replacement Windows & Doors.   

Timber and Aluminium Retrofit Double Glazing is the process of removing the inefficient single glass and replacing it with genuine double glazing, so you can keep the character and feel of your home whilst improving the comfort inside.

Replacement Windows and Doors provide a fresh look to your home. Choose from a range of new thermal aluminium window and door options, further enhanced with SuperTherm™ Low-E double glazing.

When you double glaze your home with a RetroGlaze Partner you can have complete confidence that your double glazing will be customised to your specific needs, look great, perform exceptionally and be built to last.

The network of RetroGlaze Partners is local family-owned businesses around New Zealand, with a central support base in Taupo. These businesses employ systems developed and proven here in New Zealand over the last two decades.

Right solutions
Whether you have timber or aluminium joinery, we have spent years researching and refining our solutions and installation process to ensure your windows provide the right results for your home.

Superior products
There is a large range of products on the market and we have carefully selected what we believe are the leading products and technologies to provide you with a superior double glazing solution.

Trusted service
We expect that your situation is unique, so our double glazing specialists work with you to understand your needs and ensure your solution genuinely improves the health and comfort of your home.

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