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Modernise and improve your home comfort with thermally enhanced joinery. Replace old, worn-out windows and doors with new stylish frames fitted with SuperTherm™ Low E double glazing for superior thermal performance.

If your existing windows are beyond repair, or it's just time for a change, retroGLAZE® Full Replacement Windows and Doors or Insert Windows enable you to replace your existing windows with new ThermaL4.0 thermally enhanced joinery, complete with high-performing SuperTherm™ Low E double glazing.

Designed here in New Zealand for our climate, our thermally enhanced windows and doors provide superior insulating performance. This means you retain more heat inside when it’s cold outside.

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    retroGLAZE® Replacement Windows and Doors
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    New Zealand
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What is ThermaL 4.0 Joinery?
ThermaL 4.0™ is the next generation of thermally enhanced aluminium joinery developed in partnership with Fairview Systems, NZ leaders in window and door solutions.

ThermaL 4.0™ joinery has a thermal break positioned within the joinery which slows down the movement of heat/cold from the inside and outside surfaces of the window frame. This thermal break reduces the heat transfer through the aluminium joinery, meaning the ThermaL 4.0™ frame keeps your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer and drier all year around.

When combined with our high-performance SuperTherm™ Low-E double glazing you will have a warmer, drier home in winter and a cooler home on those hot summer days.

What is the difference between Full Replacement and Insert Windows?
We have two Replacement Window and Door solutions:

Insert Windows - allow you to retain some of the character of your existing timber or aluminium frames as the reveals, or the timber surrounds around the window, are retained. 

Full Replacement Windows and Doors - removes all components of the existing window or door including the reveals and sills, giving you a completely new look to your windows and doors.

Don't suffer any longer with poor-performing, flimsy windows and doors. Get your customised plan for home comfort with retroGLAZE® Replacement Windows and Doors.

Scope of use

Existing homes.


Should I retrofit or replace my existing windows?
Deciding whether to retrofit or replace your windows and doors can feel confusing, or even overwhelming.
Retrofit double glazing uses your existing timber or aluminium frames, replacing the old single glazing with new double glazing. In contrast, Replacement Windows and Doors involve removing both the existing glass and frames of your aluminium or timber windows and doors, and replacing them with thermally enhanced joinery.  Read more here…

Does double glazing eliminate condensation?
Sick of having to dry off your window frames through winter? Do you have beautiful timber joinery, but the constant puddles are starting to cause the timber to deteriorate and rot?
With double glazing, the thermal insulation between the outside and inside is greatly improved resulting in a significant reduction in condensation, creating a warmer, drier, healthier home. Read more here…

What is the WEERS rating?
Changes to Clause H1 in the NZ Building Code require homes to achieve a minimum energy performance. WEERS, or the Window Energy Efficiency Rating System, enables you to accurately assess the energy efficiency of the windows or glazed doors you choose. Read more here...

  • Superior insulation for a comfortable home.
  • Improve both style & function.
  • Increased strength & durability.
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Your trusted double glazing solution with RetroGlaze Network

We are a network of "RetroGlaze Partners" that provide specialist services in Timber and Aluminium Retrofit Double Glazing and Replacement Windows & Doors.   

Timber and Aluminium Retrofit Double Glazing is the process of removing the inefficient single glass and replacing it with genuine double glazing, so you can keep the character and feel of your home whilst improving the comfort inside.

Replacement Windows and Doors provide a fresh look to your home. Choose from a range of new thermal aluminium window and door options, further enhanced with SuperTherm™ Low-E double glazing.

When you double glaze your home with a RetroGlaze Partner you can have complete confidence that your double glazing will be customised to your specific needs, look great, perform exceptionally and be built to last.

The network of RetroGlaze Partners is local family-owned businesses around New Zealand, with a central support base in Taupo. These businesses employ systems developed and proven here in New Zealand over the last two decades.

Right solutions
Whether you have timber or aluminium joinery, we have spent years researching and refining our solutions and installation process to ensure your windows provide the right results for your home.

Superior products
There is a large range of products on the market and we have carefully selected what we believe are the leading products and technologies to provide you with a superior double glazing solution.

Trusted service
We expect that your situation is unique, so our double glazing specialists work with you to understand your needs and ensure your solution genuinely improves the health and comfort of your home.