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Vitruvion is 'Design for Process'. We design and build high-performance, cost-effective, architecturally designed homes using SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels).

Our houses are detailed for off-site assembly of pre-engineered systems, using proven science and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

This enables us to build with speed and accuracy with high-performance technologies for warm, dry living.

Buildings can be easily customised for your requirements, and to suit your site.

We follow the sun – harnessing this energy through passive solar design. Our buildings have very high levels of insulation and air tight construction that significantly reduce their energy costs.

A range of pre-designed cladding options are available, and additional features can be added to our standard building designs.

Our founder and Managing Director Tonia Williams leads a team of dedicated specialists across Construction, Prefabrication, Project Management, Cost and Quality control and Design.

Cross-over is encouraged between designers and makers. Office teams regularly assist on site, and conversely, site teams regularly feedback into design work. Circularity of process and continuous improvement are essential to refining our Quality Assurance and developing team skills.

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