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Bach to Beauty

The renovation required a lot of careful planning. How to stage the build correctly from more than 30 piles around the steepish contour, some 7 metres deep, all with 16 rods of HD25 in cages, to the foundation for the cantilevered viewing platform, to constructing the block retaining wall of the boat shed prior to the new footings for the office, and of course tying in with excavating of the basement for the new garage and storage areas, not to mention the piles needed for the apartments carport. All of this work before even starting above ground level.  Just getting access for a 20 tonne digger to drill these holes down the bank was a challenge that had to be overcome.

Above ground there was complex structural steel to undertake, special details on windows sliding along the outer face of the weatherboards and independent external sliding shutters over these windows.  Eye brow roofs, battens to end of ceiling sheets, and the floating ceiling in the office gives you a snap shot of the complexity of this build.  A desire for no painted end grain meant all finishing lines were mitred back onto themselves.

An excellent level of workmanship is shown on this challenging renovation.


  • Registered Master Builders, House of the Year, Auckland, Gold Award, 2018
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