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Barbour House

Set down a driveway off the main road to Oakura Beach is this transformed 1970’s home.

The home embraces subtlety and its cohesive exterior expresses this. To achieve this, a combination of Sto plaster system, concrete block and tiles, natural Kwila rain screens and a cedar clad carport complete the exterior.

The interior was opened up with skylights, wall removal, increased door heights and a widened hallway to funnel the eye towards that spectacular view. The unusual double staircases inside were retained, but the kitchen/dining layout changed and a bespoke kitchen was designed and installed to maximise the useable space. Elsewhere inside an existing bedroom became an ensuite, while downstairs a freezer room/washhouse was converted to a bathroom giving the client all the amenities they wished for in their home. The installation of the warm cedar inside is complemented by cool grey tones used in the flooring.   

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