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Build A Hedge – How It's Done!

A new build on a busy corner site was screaming out for an instant hedge. Even the artist's impression of the finished build envisioned one! 

Together with the landscape contractor, Stewart Landsaping, we show you how to install a Living Walls™ – Hedge In A Hurry

Twining Valley Nurseries is a production nursery only, and does not provide an installation/landscaping service. You can either install your new Living Walls™ instant hedge yourself, following our detailed installation guides, or employ a local landscape contractor or your builder to do it for you.

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Living Walls™ Instant Hedge Installation Video
Architect's impression - corner site home with privacy hedge
House built. Site prepped. Hedge on its way!
Better than the artist's impression!
Landscapers and instant hedges - ready to transform the house into a home.
Hedge installation in full swing
Metre-long hedges carried by two strong landscapers
Backfilling once the hedges are in place
Digging the trench in readiness for the driveway hedge
Installation complete. Time to water the hedge.
Instant privacy and outdoor room

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