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Carved into the rocky hillside of Bannockburn, the Christie home was designed for clients moving from the city life of Auckland to enjoy a breath of fresh air in the landscapes of Central Otago. Bannockburn made for a special place to design, not only due to the unique landscape and dry conditions but because the owners were returning to their homeland.

The home was designed to be thermally and energy efficient. High quality materials were used not only for aesthetic appearance but also their durable qualities to face the elements of Bannockburn. We created a feeling of home using a beautiful combination of materials - significant amount of concrete block, precast concrete, heated concrete floors, timber ceilings & bespoke timber joinery.  

Cathy & Mark wanted to tinker, play music and enjoy a space of luxury while away from their Auckland city life. We were fortunate to create this space with the help of Cathy & Mark’s daughter Lauren (Project Manager) who successfully managed the process from start to finish.

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Threefold Architecture is a home-grown team that genuinely loves design and want to do what it takes to produce outstanding spaces. We design residential and commercial architecture throughout New Zealand that stands out. 

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