Communication is at the heart of everything we do here at NDH, but it’s never been truer than on this Columbia Road home renovation.

Kerri, the homeowner, had bought the property in 2017 and quickly realised that her family needed more space. With the home on the small side, she put some plans together with a draughtsman all with a view to bringing what was a traditional house up to a modern spec.

The draughtsman often uses our expertise at NDH to provide context on ideas and calculate costs before a project gets up and running. As such, it was a no-brainer for him to connect the dots between us and Kerri.

Once we started exploring the project and the property, it became apparent that the previous owner had been a bit of a DIY-enthusiast. There was a fair amount of structural work that had been carried out to sub-par standards.

Finding a solution to fix the problems centred on collaboration. Between our team, the draughtsman and the homeowner, we produced a step-by-step plan of action which rectified the major issues, without delaying the project’s timeline.

The collaboration was also key in devising the home’s showpiece elements. Kerri had a keen eye for design and came to the project with some great ideas she wanted to incorporate into a few key areas.

We worked together throughout, having regular catch-ups which ultimately resulted in the home’s kitchen and bathroom being the real standouts.

“We just love the new bathroom. Friends and family come round and all comment on how beautiful it is. Louis from NDH had the idea to add a skylight in which has given us a cool result that we’re really pleased with,” Kerri said.

The scope of the project allowed us to really focus on the quality of the fit and finish in all key areas. The intention was to offer Kerri and her family a home which is truly future-proofed for years to come.

“The NDH team came up with lots of great ideas and we ultimately love the finish of our home - we’re happily ever after, living in our awesome house”.

Keeping the communication lines open meant that this project got off to the best possible start while also staying on track throughout. The end result? A happy homeowner with a renovated space which is fit for purpose and will serve the needs of her family for the foreseeable future.

Completed On: 31/08/2018

Location: Sandringham

Size: 100 SQM

Duration: 4 Months

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