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Richard Street

From normal cottage to turnkey new build, this project exemplifies our capability as more than just another building company. NDH was chosen for the job based on our upfront and honest approach to building. We also had our extended network of highly skilled suppliers and sub-trades play a crucial role in what was required beyond the structure - hardscape, landscape, civil works (drainage, retaining, driveway crossing) fencing, gardening, deck and irrigation.

Richard Street is a modern family home with classic characteristics and architectural elements. The Homeowner wasn’t interested in standing out amongst the other properties in the neighbourhood. Inside the home, however, they wanted to remain sophisticated, making the outdoor entertainment area the main feature to create an open, modern and high-end living scenario.  

The builds complexity would become apparent very quickly with the removal of the existing house, which proved challenging in a cul-de-sac made up of families, narrow streets and limited parking. With a project of this magnitude, being respectful to the community across the board was a top priority for us and helped get the job done. This was achieved through working closely with neighbours to obtain access to the site and communicating effectively with territorial authorities (Auckland Council) to remain compliant when building so close to height to the boundary.

Projects of larger scale can take many turns along the way. Being flexible in order to help the client see progress at every stage and keep the job moving at a necessary pace can be challenging. We’re proud to say that this 1-year build was successful based on the fact that we got this balance right.     

In order to hit our mark, it was imperative that we worked closely with our subcontractors to keep them in the loop and make sure everyone was on the same page at all times. By regularly communicating with both client and sub-trades, this meant that when faced with a challenge, we were well equipped to handle it quickly, make the necessary changes and move forward towards our next milestone with minimal strain.       

Our ability to understand and cater to the client's needs was an essential asset attributed to the successful outcome. Through this, we built a house that was more than what the client first envisioned. The result is an original design and builds that exceeded their expectations as a family home in every way.

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