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Ripon Crescent

Adapting a home to account for a growing family is a job we’re always up for. 

Stuart, our client, was looking to take an existing carport and build a garage which could comfortably fit two cars while making it easier for his wife and son to get in and out of their home.

Stuart had been working with an architect to start the project and we joined the process as the initial vision was being drawn up.

“It took us a while to get resource consent but Louis (New Dimension Homes Managing Director) would follow up and helped me organise everything rather than me organising him,” Stuart said.

The design for the garage was simple on paper, but with the nature of any project like this, there were technical challenges that needed to be overcome. 

By working closely with the engineers and architect, solutions were created without compromising the end result. Louis’ previous experience managing technical projects with a number of complex moving parts kept the NDH team one step ahead of any roadblocks.

“Louis would make suggestions across the process and he was really good at talking through the different options. There were a number of things that weren’t in the original plan but were great ideas and we included them in the project”.

Due to the complexity of the underlying drainage, getting the project out of the ground was tricky, with an excavator required on site. This process was carried out meticulously by our team, with careful consideration of not only the technical requirements of the build but the existing structures and neighbouring properties, too.     

A potential for the delay was the sign-off required from the territorial authorities. Approval was needed from multiple parties within Auckland Council, with our team managing that process from end to end and ensuring that the right people were on the site at the right time. The focus on compliance along with our thorough documentation meant that the project ran smoothly with all regulatory requirements met efficiently.

One of the key requirements for the garage was the level of finish. We worked with a specifically selected mixture of sub-trades and suppliers who we know and trust to hit high standards. 

“Detail is very important for me and one of the best things about working with Louis was the attention to detail - he’s a perfectionist”.

The end result is a garage that matches its original vision, with every element coming together to create a seamless addition to the family home.

Completed On: 01/03/2019

Location: Meadowbank

Size: 45 SQM

Duration: 4 months

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Ripon Crescent