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Triboard Housing with Modbox

How do you build smarter, easier and faster in 2020? Triboard may be the answer. 
Home-grown New Zealand innovation - The Triboard panel construction system by JNL is available to Kiwi homeowners nationwide.

The key to panel construction is precision, and the strength and durability of Triboard as a material makes it perfect for CNC milling with laser-like accuracy. Walls, doors, sockets, wiring channels are all pre-cut for an entire house in a matter of hours.

 From the sunny Far North of New Zealand, the JNL Triboard factory in Kaitaia turns Northland pine into premium building panels. Semi-finished 36mm Triboard panels are transported just a few kms up the road to Durapanel, who oversees the computer-controlled CNC milling. Here, walls and ceilings are completed panel by panel and prepared for transport to building sites all over New Zealand for fast, efficient installation. 

From the Far North to the Deep South, Triboard travels easily without concern for weather damage or handling problems. One of those distant destinations is Modbox, a Central Otago and Southland based building company specialising in Modular and Tiny Homes.

Fully BRANZ appraised, Triboard is a wall construction system developed around improved quality, speed and efficiency in building. Walls are solid, with excellent insulation and acoustic properties. No requirement for internal wall-framing means that a Triboard house can provide up to 6% more useable space in an average-sized three-bedroom build!

So when Modbox saw the need for a quicker, more sustainable way to build than traditional framing, it was Triboard JNL and Durapanel that delivered on the quality, supply and price that is key to what MODBOX was trying to achieve.

MODBOX homes need to stand up to the brutal sun of a drought as well as the harsh ice and snow of a southern winter, yet still, stylishly enhance the owner's lifestyle in one of the most stunning environments in the world. A fantastic example of making the best out of what you've got in your back yard!

Triboard is harvested from a certified sustainable managed forest estate in the Far North of New Zealand. Triboard is a premium panel offering for those who want to build smarter, faster and stronger - now and in the future.

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