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Durham Residence

Type & GFA - Residential 249m²
Year completed - 2016

The intention to focus on the dwelling and those that live in this space, not concentrating on your typical sub-division relations. Given the elevated nature of the site and its primary view being to the south-west, it was designed to turn its back on this street and prevailing winter weather.

The house is concentrated around an entry courtyard, giving vision and interaction to guests as required. The primary focus is on the eating, dining and living facing north, with large portions of sliding glazing collecting winter sun.

A full length glazed wall greets guests as they enter the courtyard, providing a connection and interaction with the internal space beyond without reducing the resident’s privacy as they move through the house.

Contrasting cedar cladding was used to identify the different forms of the building, a black-clad core component housing the bedrooms and bathrooms, with two natural brown cedar structures framing the entry courtyard.

The main entry has been purposely hidden behind the black cedar wall as an element of protection from the weather, while providing an element of mystique to the residence.

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