The Strand - Noel Jessop Architecture | ArchiPro

Type & GFA – Commercial, 1138m²
Year completed – 2013

During the time of design, the Rena cargo ship tragedy occurred on the Astrolabe reef, although it wasn’t our intention to cause further heartache to the locals, we adopted a bobbing “container” aesthetic to the central spine of the building, a series of 3 inverted open ended “containers” create the central atrium, providing a series of pitched ceilings and creating a naturally light space – a small amount of backlash was received around this design cue once the building was completed

A combination of materials were used to create different components of the building, providing an element of interaction between building and streetscape – where a large timber screen with accents of green panels covers what could become the boundary wall to the park, knowing this could later be built out, but in the current context providing a connection to the greenery of the park space.

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