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Ember Restaurant

Type & GFA – Commercial/Restaurant, 585m²
Year completed – 2015

Ember’s previous incarnation was Pumice, the first restaurant on this site that burnt to the ground. After the blaze, we were then asked to design the new space specifically for a new restaurant and bar.

With existing knowledge of the site, we pitched the building out to the north to touch the sun while orientating the building away from the prevailing southwest wind.

Turning the building’s back to the car park everything became about the people and internal views.

On arrival, patrons are met with a large black decorative screen. It’s simple, geometric pattern is a rich and textural tapestry to provide an interesting focal point. Adding to the mood and mystique, you see nothing of the internal space and beyond. Concrete panels lead into the building and Ember’s volume and height comes to life around you.

Moving through the mingling spaces you notice a contraction and expansion happening between the spaces, before a large glazed area opens to an expansive deck where opaque perspex sitting behind the black screen provides defused light from the other side.

Colorsteel and concrete were used for economy of scale and structural steel was used throughout the building. A splash of cedar cladding adds warmth to the black exterior form.

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