Winger Hamilton - Noel Jessop Architecture | ArchiPro

Type & GFA - Commercial/Car Showroom 2575m²
Year completed – 2015

A multibrand vehicle dealership needing to present all brands in an unbiased platform, while maintaining some key elements from each of the brands, effectively dividing the building into a component of exterior presentation spaces.

Design philosophy was based around the dealer brand and the vehicle brands signage requirements, which makes for an interesting approach to building design. With this in mind we split the building into different components that reflected the associated company’s requirements.

Any neutral space was designed as a black component and used to connect aspects of the building in their respected colours. Subtle heights and shapes play into design, helping to introduce texture and context in building materials.

Central client café designed as a neutral space, reflecting no specific vehicle brand colour which allowed only a black with orange accent colour palette.

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