House #3 - Noel Jessop Architecture | ArchiPro

Type & GFA – Residential, 246m²
Year completed – 2013

“There’s nothing to see on the street”

Turning its back on the southern street scape, House No 3 is all about the internal space for the occupants.

A strong cedar wall encompasses the streetscape, stretching wide across the road front, providing nothing to passers-by, other than a back drop to the lone Kauri Tree.

Intentionally the single penetration to the cedar wall is positioned out of view adding to the mystique of what lies beyond – purposely nothing is on show to the street.

Once inside all aspects of the home are concentrated on the northern aspect of the site, providing direct access from all bedrooms and living spaces.

Causing quite a stir in the neighbourhood, pitching itself against the so called “urban planning” of bigger is better mentality, House No 3 clearly sits staunch between its neighbours.


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