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This dwelling is located on an idyllic site up on the Jacks Point Preserve and features two distinct building forms designed to mimic and blend into the natural topography. 

The two buildings are orientated on a north-south axis and set into the natural ridge line beneath the Remarkables Mountain range to overlook Lake Wakatipu and the Jacks Point golf course. 

Innovative technologies utilised on this project include a ground source heating system and Photovoltaics.  The upper level of the building contains three bedrooms, an office and a separate living area with a total floor area of 222m2 and an additional 98m2 in external terraces.  A large garage, storage and laundry area is situated immediately below the upper level.  The entry forecourt and sculpture garden between the two building forms are linked by a translucent entry gallery space with a green flat roof canopy connecting the two buildings. 

The main building form or ‘lower level’ of the dwelling contains the majority of the shared living spaces and includes a sunroom, den, generous living and dining area as well as a two bedrooms, each with ensuites.  The lower level includes a total floor area of 558m2 with an additional 105m2 of external terraces.

This dwelling is of a modern and sleek design combining a large, flat roof plane with generous overhangs of the terraces positioned below.  The building is further characterised by three large stone chimneys, generous lineal sections of stacked schist and the use of metal for both fascias and wall cladding.  Particularly on the western (or lakefront) elevation, these materials are articulated with generous sections of glazing to maximise lake views.  

The formation of a tarn and and stone bridge over an existing wetland stream is central to the overall landscaping of this development.  

Challenges of this build have included the large eave overhangs which have required significant amounts of framing to support metal cladding and roofing membrane.  Large areas of insitu concrete have also been required to support green roof areas and visible beams and soffits.


Project Specification Detail

Location: The Preserve, Jacks Point

Floor Area: 800m2

Build Duration: 18 Months

Completion Date:  May 2018


Consultant Team

Project/ Construction Management Main Contractor:  Triple Star

Architect: Mason & Wales Architects

Engineer: Batchelar McDougall Consultants Ltd (BMC)

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In 2008, Peter Campbell formed Triple Star Management Ltd (Triple Star) in response to the growing demand from international homeowners and investors for a reliable and experienced single point of contact for all their construction needs in Queenstown and the surrounding Central Otago area.

In 2010, Peter Campbell and Karl Poole re-established Edge Construction 2010 Ltd, with the objective of bringing to the market a company that could provide quality construction with effective project management.

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Peter is both a qualified builder and project manager, with a university degree in Project Management and Valuation. He has successfully delivered a significant range of commercial projects, including hotels, hospitals, apartments, office buildings, and many retail and high-end residential projects in both the North Island and Queenstown.

Karl completed his apprenticeship with Edge Construction whilst building the prestigious Blanket Bay Lodge near Glenorchy. His attention to detail and building skills were recognised and he progressed quickly to a foreman role. Since this time, over the past twenty years, he has managed the delivery of multiple high-end residential and commercial projects around Queenstown. These include Lot 22 at Wyuna Preserve, 'The Peak' on Queenstown Hill and, most recently, the villa development at Blanket Bay Lodge.