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Mahau Sounds

Located in Marlborough’s Mahau Sound, pulls off the seemingly impossible: four bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen and comfortable living space in an area of just 131sq m.     

Winning the National Supreme Winner Master Builders House of the Year 2011 - New Homes $350,000 - $450,000, the design was a collaborative effort between architectural draughtsman Phil and owners Alex and Marcus Myring, and it’s as clever as a fox.

A 10.8m-long wall creates a triangular kitchen space between the sitting area at one end of the living room and the door to the master bedroom at the other. Folding doors conceal storage, microwave and extra bench space recessed into the wall along with fridge; everything else – hob, sink, oven, is incorporated in the 4.5m wedge-shaped island.

The house may be niftily compact but the views are enormous and there are decks to north and south. Generally, the smaller back deck is the more sheltered and from it, you can look straight through the sitting area and across the Sound and the bush on the other side. The front deck extends across most of the living space. It’s angled, so the peak will always get the sun. It’s the little things that count.

“We have a very special and funky home and one that we are proud to own. It’s hard to do justice to how we feel about it all and how happy we are to be here, but some things you can’t express in words.”

— Marcus Myring - Owner


Judges’ comments":  “A masterpiece of a home formed from complex structural parts, and executed to a millimetre-perfect finish to present a functional and magical home.”

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