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Maki Street Westgate WDA9

Following on from our delivery of packages WDA 6 and 7, JFC was awarded WDA 9 within the Westgate Town Centre shopping precinct. This package involved additional upgrade works along Maki Street, between Westgate Drive and Fred Taylor Drive.

The project included extensive demolition of existing assets and adjustments of the existing stormwater.

The upgrade included the construction of new intersections, including raised pedestrian crossings and refuge islands, roundabouts, and substantial curb buildouts and parking bays.

The project also included a large amount of landscaping, new tree pits, and rain gardens, and grassed berms, creating a living pedestrian space that remains cohesive with the wider Westgate aesthetic.

Client - New Zealand Retail Property Group (NZRPG)

Date - Dec 2018 - Nov 2019

Location - Westgate, Auckland

Budget - $6.3 million

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