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Tall Hut

The “Tall Hut” rises from the foreshore of Matiatia Bay, a beacon to the arrival of the 2021 Sculpture on the Gulf Exhibition. The pavilion is extroverted in its presence, ambiguous in its meanings.  

A light-weight bamboo frame, cloaked in fabric and woven with pattern & colour, the pavilion is a collaboration between Moller Architects and artist Areez Katki. “Tall Hut” is a celebration of its surroundings and the traditional construction techniques of the Pacific. Deeply rooted in its place on the Hauraki Gulf, the pavilion takes on a volcanic formation; a vertical shaft spirals upward drawing together the land, the sea and the sky.

The pavilion is cloaked with a protective shawl, enwrapping the structural frame beneath and resilient to the Hauraki Gulf’s changing environments. Semi-open, the pavilion interweaves light and shadow as the interior compresses towards an oculus at the high point.
Seen from the water, the pavilion is read twofold; a dancing figure leaning towards the shoreline, while viewed as a solitary lighthouse. It is this multiplicity of its readings that excites & draws attention. The project, as viewed through the lenses of individual interpretations lends itself towards the sculptural and the iconic.

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Tall Hut viewed from the foreshore at Matiatia, Waiheke Island
Tall Hut viewed from above
Tall Hut at Dusk looking towards the foreshore at Matiatia 
Interior of Tall Hut looking towards the oculus